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October 3rd, 2017

This C-COM Antenna Has A Real Altitude

For the past six weeks, C-COM’s iNetVu® FLY-981 mobile antenna has been deployed in the Andes mountains of southern Peru at an elevation of 14,900 ft.  — this may well be the highest altitude flyaway antenna unit in operation today.

C-COM's FLY-981 mobile antenna.

The FLY-981 satellite antenna can be assembled in less than ten minutes without any tools and is packaged in three transportable cases each weighing less than 28 kg. The system automatically locates satellite in under two minutes with just the press of a button and then provides broadband internet in remote areas where terrestrial infrastructure doesn’t exist.

ITC Global is the C-COM integrator and airtime provider for this antenna system, which has been deployed by Auryn Resources Inc., a Canadian mining exploration company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.