Satnews Daily
November 18th, 2015

ITC Global To Bring SATCOM Connectivity To Offshore Company

[Satnews] ITC Global has been awarded a multi-million dollar deal with an international offshore energy services company.

The multi- year contract for VSAT connectivity was designed to deliver a highly efficient and reliable network service while streamlining the customer’s operating costs and focusing on integrated features including pooled bandwidth, integrated 4G LTE network access, GSM picocell coverage, and access to transit network services. ITC Global is handling the system build out and integration and testing, with most deployments being completed in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

To support the customer’s crew communications needs, ITC Global’s new comprehensive crew welfare solution, ITC Crew LIVE, is being deployed on each vessel via separate 1 meter stabilized antenna systems. The dedicated system provides crewmembers with reliable wireless access for voice, Internet and content streaming, and does not compete with the corporate network requirements onboard each vessel. This ensures that business and recreational use are kept entirely separate to provide the best user experience for everyone during work and leisure time offshore. The solution offers crews the ability to purchase allocated bandwidth for their laptops, phones or other personal devices. Service is delivered through ITC Global’s self-service customer portal system, which is currently successfully managing more than 3,000 individual crewmember user accounts across multiple customers.

As part of the communications solution design, the entire system is being integrated to enable the customer to use the crew welfare network or 4G service as back up to the corporate network. Combined, the dual VSAT systems, 4G network capabilities, and GSM access on each vessel deliver an extremely advanced remote communications solution to support the customer’s high availability needs.