Satnews Daily
November 10th, 2015

Ka-Band Millimeter Wave Power Module Arrives From L-3 Electron Devices

[Satnews] L-3 Electron Devices announces the introduction of the company's new M1292-02 Ka-Band Millimeter Wave MPM.

The module is available for immediate insertion on advanced Ka-band communications systems requiring linear output power and high efficiency in an ultra-compact, fully airborne-qualified (up to 50,000 feet) package that enables users to physically mount the MPM extremely close to their transmitting aperture, thus minimizing RF losses. The MPM is also reconfigurable for 100 Watts of saturated power operation.
L-3’s new ruggedized module is suitable for various naval and ground applications, featuring a maximum operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C while operating from conventional 28 VDC power. The basic form factor measures 9.75 inches long by 8.50 inches wide by 1.50 inches high and weighs less than eight pounds. Optional active, forced-air cooling and integrated BUC versions are in development.