Satnews Daily
November 19th, 2014

ATW Companies...  Flexibile Waveguide Solutions For Satellites...

[SatNews] ATW Companies Inc., a supplier of precision tubing and fabricated metal components, has announced that its flexible waveguide tubing and waveguide components, manufactured by the A.T. Wall Company, are ideally suited for satellite applications and other airborne and space systems.

Products include seamless flexible waveguide, flexible twistable waveguide, flexible waveguide, and semi flexible waveguide. In addition to tubing, the company now also offers components for all these flexible waveguide types. A.T. Wall supplies flexible waveguides in beryllium-copper (BeCu), brass, and phosphorous bronze in a wide range of sizes, from WR22 through WR650.   Seamless flexible waveguide is applicable to airborne systems and space in all satellite applications.  Flexible waveguide also saves the customer money by reducing space needs with its ability to be bent to fit into small spaces.

Through the company’s stocking program, standard sizes of this tubing are shipped to customers within five days from stock. All other special waveguide sizes are made to order. The company's manufacturing facility in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA, is on the cutting edge of Waveguide manufacturing technology, making the A.T. Wall Company a world leader in precision-drawn Waveguide tubing. The A.T. Wall Company offers extra flexible waveguides and double-ridged flexible waveguides, ensuring that the demands even the most difficult flexible waveguide applications are met.

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