Satnews Daily
February 23rd, 2015

Mission Critical Cut Slip Rings Debut For Mission Critical Comms Ops

[SatNews] ATW Companies Inc. has debuted their complete line of cut slip rings for a wide range of slip ring assemblies for mission-critical electronic, military and packaging communications, systems and applications.

The company is particularly proficient in producing silver slip rings, widely used in communications applications to ensure signal transfer. With more than a century of experience in the precious metals market, A.T. Wall has the know-how and small quantity raw materials expertise to efficiently source and manufacture silver slip rings, with low cost and highest quality. Also produced are gold slip rings, as well as those made of other materials.

Manufacturing the highest quality slip ring components to meet customers’ highest wear and tear properties, and to support non-standard and tight tolerances, A.T. Wall can reduce lead time and provide lower and more predictable costs. Using the most cost-effective and lean manufacturing processes and a wide array of tools and technologies, A.T. Wall meets customers’ need for low volumes and high product mix with predictable, reliable delivery.

Available with outside diameter (OD) ranging from 0.030-inch to 10.000-inch and wall thickness of 0.003-inch to 0.375 inch, slip rings may be cut from seamless tubing or machined from plate. A.T. Wall also offers expert special machining operations, include knurling (or splining) of the inside diameter if required by customer specifications.

More information on ATW Companies’ slip ring capabilities can be found at the company's infosite: