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June 16th, 2014

Agilent Technologies—Complimentary Essentials For Satellite Tests + Measurements (SATCOM—Tools)

[SatNews] If designing products for communication, satellite, radar or electronic warfare applications are on your agenda, take advantage of these complimentary reference tools covering critical test and measurement issues.

Aerospace defense reference tools         
2014 AD Symposium DVD. Contains 15 technical papers focused on general RF and microwave applications, satellite and terrestrial communications, radar and electronic warfare. Most presentations include extensive speaker notes and additional resources such as application notes, data sheets, demo videos and useful Web links. Also included is archived symposium content from 2011 – 2013.
Application note: OFDMA Introduction and Overview for Aerospace and Defense Applications. This paper offers a brief introduction to OFDM and OFDMA, with an eye toward the special considerations and environments for A/D applications. Gain insight into commercial standards-based OFDM and OFDMA schemes such as LTE.

Application note: Modular Test Solution for Multiband SATCOM Monitoring. Learn about the challenge of monitoring multiple 1.2-GHz satellite bands, from UHF through Ka, and multiple modulation schemes. The proposed solution replaces individual test units with a smaller modular platform and Agilent 89601B vector signal analysis (VSA) software.

Application note: Easily Create Custom Waveform Plug-Ins With Waveform Creator Application Software. Learn how Waveform Creator provides a simple yet flexible environment for creating customized digitally modulated signals for radar, military radios and other similar applications.

Poster: Satellite Test Essentials. This colorful and informative poster graphs atmospheric absorption of mm waves, shows frequency allocations, noise power ratio and calculations for link budget along with the latest Agilent solutions for your satellite test and measurement requirements.

Application note: Overcoming the Challenges of Simulating Phased-Array Radar Systems. Discover a test solution that reduces design cycles, significantly reduces cost and allows you to simulate a scenario before taking it to land, skies and seas.

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