Satnews Daily
November 30th, 2015

The New Kyrion Encoder – Decoder Now Incorporates DVB-S2X

[Satnews] New from ATEME is their Kyrion encoder and decoder that has been designed for contribution over satellite, fiber and Internet networks.

The new product offers value added features such as ultra-fast-boot, ABR output, and integrated Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ). The Kyrion encoder and decoder are now available with DVB-S2X, a new extension of the DVB-S2 satellite broadcast standard. The product increases the modulation efficiency by 50 percent, resulting in significant savings in terms of bandwidth. The Kyrion encoder and decoder will enable satellite operators to add services within their current capacity and users to reduce their link OPEX.

The DVB-S2X option is available for new and existing Kyrion users via a simple to install software upgrade.