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June 11th, 2014

Challenger Communications—All Aluminum + Ready (Antennas)

[SatNews] Challenger Communications now has new 3.8 Meter and 4.5 Meter Prime Focus aluminum antennas in stock and ready to ship.

The tooling used to manufacture these new antennas was previously used to produce some of the best-selling, high-quality antennas known in the satellite communications industry.  The new antennas are available in fixed and motorized configurations and custom colors are available. The new antennas are simpler to install than previous models, and no crane is required for installation.
3.8 Meter and 4.5 Meter Prime Focus all aluminum reflectors have been proven to deliver a superior performance over fiberglass antennas. The satellite communications industry has been deprived of high-quality, affordable aluminum antennas in recent years.  Challenger Communications will supply these industry-proven products to the market once again, with all components being produced in the U.S.A.
After months of re-tooling, the new Challenger 3.8 Meter and 4.5 Meter Prime Focus Antenna Systems have been enhanced to perform with greater accuracy than previous models.  Reflector surfaces have been re-machined using CNC mills and stainless steel hardware is now included with both antennas as standard.
“After years of mass production, the existing tooling was worn out,” says Gene Sorgi, President of Challenger Communications.  Sorgi acquired the tooling in July 2012.  “All surfaces have been re-machined and recent testing shows that the new Challenger 3.8 Meter Prime Focus Antenna System out-performs our competitor’s 4.5 Meter antenna.  We at Challenger Communications feel that our new 3.8 Meter Prime Focus Antenna System is the best TVRO antenna on the market today.”
Packaging of both the 3.8 Meter and 4.5 Meter Prime Focus Antenna Systems and mounts has been reconfigured to make shipping more efficient.  The improved packaging offers greater durability and allows Challenger to fit almost twice as many units into a sea container than current competitors.

Challenger Communications' infosite is located at http://www.challengercommunications.com/