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March 11th, 2014

TrustComm, Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) + Inmarsat—Xpressing Their Interest (SATCOM—Business)

[SatNews] TrustComm Inc. has signed a Service Provider Agreement with Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) to distribute Inmarsat Global Xpress® (GX) services.

Under the agreement, TrustComm becomes the first BCSS Service Provider offering GX Ka-band services in both the military and commercial frequency ranges; and will augment BCSS’ efforts by addressing different customer and market segments.

GX is the first globally available Ka-band mobile satellite system, capable of delivering up to 50Mbps to mobile or fixed terminals.  It will be delivered by Inmarsat’s new generation of Inmarsat-5 satellites, being built by Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems.  The first of three GX satellites is set to enter commercial service by mid-year 2014.   The full constellation, which will comprise three high-throughput satellites offering seamless global Ka-band coverage, is scheduled for deployment by the close of the year.
“The agreement between TrustComm and BCSS leverages the benefits of both companies’ infrastructures to reach customers on a global scale with local knowledge and support,” said TrustComm Chief Executive Officer Bob Roe.  “For customers, our ability to provide both Military Ka and Commercial Ka capabilities from GX’s combination of lightweight, small-footprint terminals in a globally available broadband service – delivered with high reliability and resilience – is a major innovation as bandwidth requirements grow and budgets shrink.”
Jim Mitchell, vice president of BCSS, said, “Our partnership with TrustComm reflects our commitment to offering our GX solutions to the world’s most capable providers.  TrustComm brings a focused effort toward customer and market sectors Boeing isn’t addressing directly.  We look forward to delivering innovative solutions to support these users with TrustComm.”

The TrustComm infosite is available to view at http://www.trustcomm.com/

The Boeing BCSS production information PDF document is available for download at http://www.boeing.com/bcss/pdf/BCSS_ProdCard_r6.pdf

For further information regarding Inmarsat Global Xpress, access http://www.inmarsat.com/service/global-xpress-2/