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March 4th, 2016

EMC Readies Customers for HTS Capacity + HTS

[Satnews] EMC has announced the majority of its remote communications and content customers around the world are ready to fill the high-throughput satellite (HTS) capacity coming to market this year.

Our customers are leading the explosive requirements for high speed Internet and on-demand content, in addition to their growing need for mission-critical communications, in the world’s most remote locations,” said Abel Avellan, CEO and founder, EMC. “So we recognized the need for HTS five years ago and drove the design of, and investment into, HTS with our satellite partners. While we have led this revolution, our customers are now thinking beyond just the mission-critical reliability and additional bandwidth HTS will offer. They expect a quality of experience (QOE) equivalent to what they get at home and in the office. That is why we are offering HTS and beyond.”

Since EMC acquired MTN in July 2015, the company has invested in designing additional proprietary technologies to add to its 20 patents. The company’s goal has been to deliver a much higher level QOE.
The newest patented technology to heighten customers’ QOE is SpeedNet, a breakthrough solution to the satellite industry’s oldest problem—latency. Using a proprietary intelligent protocol and global backbone, SpeedNet predicatively fetches, compresses and pushes multiple layers of websites at once to local servers. The net result for the end-user is a browsing experience that mimics high-speed fiber.

EMC continues to enable other industry firsts, such as the only fully integrated communications and content service at sea, in the air and on land.  The company provides mission-critical communications and content for people and businesses on the move, or in hard to reach places, in eight markets—energy, yachting, commercial shipping, mobile network operations, government/non-government operations, global enterprises, aviation, and cruise and ferries.
For a demo of EMC solutions or a discussion about HTS, visit the company at SATELLITE 2016 (Booth 1701) and at SeaTrade 2016 (Booth 3405, Hall 1).