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April 11th, 2010

Expand Networks... Winning WAN Ways

Expand Networks has announced a major upgrade to its operating system – OS 6.3 – that will significantly improve the functionality, value and installation of its Accelerators. This latest OS runs across Expand’s range of physical & virtual Accelerator solutions, and introduces advanced features to help customers achieve increased performance, ease of use, value for money, greater WAN provisioning capabilities and improved management and monitoringefficiencies.

The enhanced Layer 7 QoS features of OS 6.3 provide the highest levels of integrated visibility and control in a single OS of any vendor in the market, enabling organizations of all sizes to maximize their WAN infrastructure. OS 6.3 also introduces significant advancements in ease of deployment; for example, high latency environments requiring TCP acceleration benefit from enhanced dynamic SCPS support, and a new RDP proxy feature enables “zero touch” installation into Microsoft RDP environments. OS 6.3 has a number of new and enhanced features that enable organizations to deploy in a more dynamic & intuitive way, ensuring ease of configuration, use and ongoing management of Expand WAN optimization solutions. These include Central configuration, TCP auto bandwidth optimization/Virtual Bandwidth, and Microsoft RDP proxy.

This latest OS dramatically enhances application visibility and control via enhanced layer 7 QoS, enabling organizations of all sizes to maximize their WAN infrastructure. The new and enhanced features include enhanced VMware Vsphere4 integration, enhanced web caching for non hard drive appliances, and enhanced TCP Acceleration with Hybla . Combining these new features with its existing RDP and Citrix Layer 7 Visibility and Control capabilities, Expand now boasts the industry’s most comprehensive Layer 7 QoS engine enabling IT to easily identify, manage and control all applications traversing the enterprise & Cloud WAN, while deployment has become even more simplified with the new dynamic installation management features.