Satnews Daily
December 13th, 2013

Advantech Wireless—Moving Out The BUCs For Bucks (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Advantech Wireless Inc. has successfully completed the delivery of several orders totaling $1M for its 25W GaN C-band and X-band BUCs.

The 25W GaN C-band and X-band BUCs are constructed in a compact cooling enclosure specially designed for outdoor operation. The units are weatherproof and are perfectly suited for harsh environments such as man-pack terminal deployments. The 25W C-band and X-band GaN BUCs are part of a series of hub-mounted, up-converter transmitters, using Advantech Wireless World-leading Satellite GaN Technology. These GaN BUCs are integrated units, completed with power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer, filter and cooling mechanism weighing less than 2.5kg, or about 5 lbs.

The design of the 25W GaN C-band and X-band BUCs is based on Advantech Wireless's industry proven reliable solid-state high power amplifiers. Built-in design features result in a product with exceptional linearity and operating efficiency. The use of high efficiency power supply and conservative thermal designs contribute to the trouble-free operation of the unit. For solid communications and in the harshest of environments, Advantech Wireless’ 25W GaN C-band and X-band BUCs are the product of choice.

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