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January 16th, 2016

Record Setting Satellite Acquisition Speeds For C-COM's Newgen iNetVu Antennas

[Satnews] C-COM’s newest generation of iNetVu antennas, which include the 7710/7720 controller, have now achieved the quickest satellite acquisition ever in the history of the product.

With just one push of a button on the ACU, the iNetVu® Nexgen products, with simultaneous 3-axis movement and finer motion control, can now lock onto satellite in under 60 seconds. The company has also reduced the external cable bundle to just a single controller cable running from the controller to the platform.

Two recently developed Nexgen systems, the Ka-1202G Driveaway (Avanti/Gilat/iDirect) and the Ka-1202G Flyaway, are expected to receive type approvals by Q2 2016.

C-COM will be offering certification sessions in Washington (after Satellite 2016) on March 10-11, and also in Las Vegas (after NAB) on April 21-22.  Attendees will learn every detail about how to install, support, repair and sell the iNetVu® system. 

Paul Seguin, C-COM’s Senior Technical Advisor and most experienced field support specialist, will host the session at a venue nearby to the trade shows. Seats are limited so please sign up by January 31 to attend.