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April 28th, 2010

Thrane & Thrane... AeroSB Turns Into AVIATOR

The Thrane & Thrane ‘Aero SB’ products will now be known as ‘AVIATOR’, a brand name destined to be synonymous with the power of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and at the leading-edge of SwiftBroadband terminal technology for business and commercial aircraft communication. For each product in the Thrane & Thrane SwiftBroadband family, the new AVIATOR brand name will be followed by a numeric descriptor, reflecting the level of SwiftBroadband service that the terminal will be used for and the product variation designated by Thrane & Thrane. Using this convention, Thrane & Thrane’s existing portfolio has been renamed to:
  • AVIATOR 300 – Previously Aero SB Lite (with Intermediate Gain Antenna – IGA)
  • AVIATOR 350 – Previously Aero SB Lite (with High Gain Antenna – HGA)
  • AVIATOR 700 – Previously Aero SB+
Kim Gram, Vice President, Aeronautical Business Unit, Thrane & Thrane, said, “We have selected a name that reflects the environment our SwiftBroadband systems are used in and have decided to let naming of our entire aeronautical product program precede the unveiling of our newest SwiftBroadband product to the industry.”