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April 21st, 2016

Yippy For Globalstar

Yippy is a software company that holds a perpetual license to IBM Watson Explorer.

Based upon that software, which the company operates autonomously from IBM Yippy has developed a suite of technology solutions that range from business intelligence and document security to data compression for MSS operations.

Yippy has just completed the installation of the first six Blue Flame appliances on Globalstar's network. The company plans to start marketing "Internet" access to all of Globalstar's duplex subscribers, starting this summer. Yippy and Globalstar are in a unique position to provide "best of class" satellite voice and data services at a cost effective price.

Globalstar currently has approximately 80K voice subscribers that use that firm's 1600 and 1700 handsets. Yippy's software, when used in conjunction with Globalstar's network, will provide consumers with a fast and reasonably-priced Internet experience, with access to web mail, weather and other apps that are tailored for industry-specific uses.

Globalstar will offer this solution to their cusomters for a nominal, monthly fee. The equipment upgrade required to operate Yippy's software will cost approximately $20. The software costs will be automatically included ar's Gen 2 network subscription packages.