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June 9th, 2015

InfiNet Wireless Breaks The Ice w/Communications ... Provides Wireless Network For 16 Ice Breakers In Finland

[SatNews] High network capacity allows us to meet the most complex objectives set by the seaport administration and find solutions which have been impossible until now...

InfiNet Wireless, a provider in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, announced the deployment of its wireless solutions within the icy Gulf of Finland. InfiNet Wireless’ solutions will be used to create a modern technological wireless network within the Gulf, with the project being carried out by communications experts Geyzer-Telecom.

Operating within the Gulf is a fleet of 16 ice breakers, each with a length of 119 meters and an unlimited sailing range. The suggested network coverage area is in excess of ten thousand square kilometers as the ice breaking fleet not only have to travel to break ice measuring 1.5 meters thick, but provide vital assistance to other vessels working in and around the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. 

With the market constantly demanding increased connectivity, InfiNet’s assistance was sought to improve connectivity across the fleet. The main objectives of the project are to improve the technological characteristics of the existing network based on the WipLL technologies. 

The deputy head of Geyzer-Telecom’s system integration and development department, Igor Malygin explained, “This is a very interesting project based on the immense capabilities of InfiNet Wireless' equipment. Before the project could even start, we had to carry out a range of complex tests to prove the operability of the proposed technical solution. We are confident of more, similar scale projects both in Russia and abroad, as InfiNet’s products can solve the toughest of technical challenges.”

Thirty-three areas of base stations and 200 stationary subscriber stations have already been installed at various seaport locations, which will carry out the connection to the broadband network of local wire networks at over 20km with 50 Mbps bandwidth. Mobile subscriber devices have been installed on ice breakers' masts at heights up to 20 meters. The bandwidth of such devices is no less than 4 Mbps at a vessel speed of 12 knots with the shipboard equipment set to provide a stable connection at 30km distance from the coast. The system provides services of data, video and VoIP transmission. It conforms to main quality of service (QoS) requirements and provides the majority of the network traffic. The system is also equipped with subsystems of monitoring, diagnostics and automatic maintenance.

InfiNet Wireless' business development director, Roman Smirnov explains further, “For the first time in these waters, these vessels will be able to transmit video at a greater distance from the coast, thanks to InfiNet Wireless’ equipment. High network capacity allows us to meet the most complex objectives set by the seaport administration and find solutions which have been impossible until now. This technologically difficult project would be impossible without the joint efforts of InfiNet Wireless' engineers and our integrators such as Geyzer-Telecom and Integra Telecom Northwest. We are certain we will deploy this solution to other seaports”.

Once fully completed, the upgraded network will provide rendering of commercial communication services for all companies operating in this territory. InfiNet Wireless' latest technical solutions will provide wireless communications for both fixed and mobile objects, and expect to add at least another 100 vessels to the network in the near future.