Satnews Daily
September 10th, 2015

Satellite Broadcast Contract With Avanti Communications Suffuses SIS Live With Robust Content Delivery

[SatNews] Avanti Communications has signed a contract with SIS LIVE, a leading broadcast supplier for major customers in EMEA.

SIS LIVE, the UK’s largest live content distributor, broadcasts more than 200 hours of live transmissions worldwide every day. The company offers a diverse range of occasional use and fixed connectivity solutions for critical media content. The company will have the capability to use Avanti’s HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2 satellites as part of its satellite product and bandwidth packages.  SIS LIVE manufactures its own range of commercial and military satellite terminals, now approved for use on the Avanti network.

Executive Comments
John Bozza, Commercial Director at SIS LIVE, said, “We deliver high quality and flexible independent satellite mobile broadband and IP connectivity anywhere in the world. With capacity from Avanti’s HYLAS 1 satellite, we can provide our clients with a robust internet connection at short notice and at any location, which makes it perfectly suited for live streaming and on-the-move broadcast.”
Matthew O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti Communications, said, “With flexibility built in from design, Avanti’s fleet of high throughput satellites can service a full range of customer needs. Working alongside the world’s largest broadcasters, we are delivering truly innovative services to this industry.”