Satnews Daily
September 14th, 2014

KenCast—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IBC2014 (Event—Digital Cinema + VOTM)

[SatNews] KenCast Inc.'s  exhibit at IBC will showcase several new products targeted for digital cinema content delivery as well as video on the move (VOTM).

This includes their new live event management workflow with support for live event bookings and management, as well as their new Professional 4K Decoder, capable of decoding 4K HEVC video streams that integrate into their digital cinema workflow. KenCast's  Fazzt® Enterprise Server and the EdgeSpan CinemaPro® is Hollywood's preferred solution powering the backbone of the DCDC (Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition) platform, enabling delivery by satellite or fiber optics of very large movie files and the streaming of live events into thousands of theaters across  North America.  The booth demonstration will also include ad splicing as well as an audience response system (ARS).

In addition, KenCast will exhibit their Vazzt™/VOTM live streaming video solutions, including their VazztPitcher streaming mobile file software, used by entertainment, government and military agencies to securely send/receive high resolution video streams and very large data and video files. See a streaming broadcast on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at The company will also feature traditional datacasting, signage and distance learning products as part of their exhibit.

 CEO Bill Steele and COO Eric Reed will be on hand to chat, demonstrate and answer questions. Bill Steele, KenCast CEO, said, "We see a demand in handling high resolution video, including the ability to reliably deliver and decode live streams at 4K resolution, as well as the ability to archive all this content securely.  We are putting this in place."

The KenCast infosite is located at