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January 6th, 2015

@ CES: Full Demo Of ATSC3.0 Technology By Samsung, Comark and TeamCast

[SatNews] Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Comark and TeamCast will demonstrate the world’s first terrestrial broadcast of full ATSC3.0 technology at CES 2015.

The demonstration will show a live transmission of MPEG-H HEVC Ultra HD video and MPEG-H 3D audio content. The transmission signal is received from a Comark 600 W UHF transmitter, located in the Black Mountain, Las Vegas area, which has been specifically installed for the event. The Comark transmitter integrates VORTEX, the latest generation of high-end modulator/exciter designed by TeamCast.

Eric Pinson, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast, said, “It’s a great opportunity for us to illustrate in real operation our new VORTEX product range, designed to support both ATSC 1.0 and proposed ATSC 3.0 on the same platform, providing the maximum flexibility for broadcasters for transition and simulcast."

John Godfrey, Vice President, Public Policy at Samsung Electronics North America, said,  “The new technology not only delivers live broadcast of Ultra HD content to the home, but also enables new user interactions, such as two-way service.  Samsung is committed to driving innovation and continued growth of UHD technology. We’re pleased to be a part of this effort as we take another step closer to realizing live UHD viewing.”

“Comark believes that ATSC 3.0 provides an important step forward for U.S. broadcasters to bring additional capabilities and services to U.S. consumers ”, says Richard E. Fiore, Jr. President & CEO for Comark Communications LLC.  “Our participation in this live over-the-air demonstration at the CES show demonstrates our long standing commitment to DTV broadcasters in the U.S.”

The TeamCast infosite has more information at http://www.teamcast.com/

For additional Samsung information, please visit http://www.samsung.com/