Satnews Daily
December 31st, -0001

The iDirect Line To Righteous Routing

iDirect, a company of VT Systems Inc (VT Systems), has extended its Evolution product line with the introduction of the light-weight, extremely compact iConnex e850mp Satellite Router Board.

The e850mp enables systems integrators and other third-party developers to create portable and mobile solutions with all of the advanced features of the iDirect Intelligent Platform. The e850mp is half the size of iDirect’s standard iConnex board and features iDirect’s proprietary Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology for ultra-small mobile antennae. The product also supports military-grade security specifications, including AES encryption, TRANSEC, FIPS 140-2, and X.509 digital certificate encryption and automatic over-the-air key exchange. When combined with a bi-directional satellite antenna, the e850mp extends high-speed data, voice and video connectivity to a wide range of small form-factor portable and mobile solutions, including:
  • Portable satellite communications systems that can be easily carried by an individual soldier and serve as a critical technology for expanding battlefield awareness, identifying potential threats, transmitting situational video back to base, receiving command and control information, and telemedicine
  • Medium- and small-size aircraft, cargo planes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) where space constraints demand smaller communications equipment
  • Shipboard applications for deep water fleets, manned and unmanned submersible vehicles, and Coast Guard shallow water fleets
  • Emergency response vehicles, including search and rescue as well as fire and forestry deployments
The launch of the e850mp board accompanies the latest release of iDirect’s software, iDX 1.1, which enables the full suite of advanced features including security, mobility and bandwidth management on all military specific Evolution products. With iDX 1.1, military Evolution and iNFINITI routers and line cards can also be integrated onto a single global network and managed via iDirect’s iVantage Network Management System.