Satnews Daily
November 20th, 2013

Pactel International—New Net For New Caledonia (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Pactel International (“Pactel”), a member of the SpeedCast Group, has expanded its TIER 1 IP Backbone to New Caledonia.

Pactel was selected by the local Carrier, OPT New Caledonia (“OPT NC”) to provide a large trunk of IP Backbone capacity to support OPT’s growing demand for greater bandwidth; supporting 3G services and future technology roll out in the territory.

The new network is strategically interconnected with Pactel’s two peering points in Sydney and therefore facilitates settlement-free peering with Pactel’s major peering partners including Microsoft, Yahoo, Akamai, Youtube and thereby promotes faster Internet speeds.

New Caledonia is one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in the Pacific region, with a high GDP per capita and vast mineral reserves. It is one of the first adopters of the Pacific fibre network rollout, and remains at the forefront of innovation in telecommunications services available to its citizens. Pactel’s TIER 1 solution inherently minimizes latency and jitter, reduces packet loss and enhances OPT’s overall network capacity. Consequently, the upgraded network is expected to deliver high quality, high capacity Internet services to OPT’s growing number of wholesale, content provider and enterprise customers, as well as the end users. With Pactel’s solution, OPT NC will continue leading the Pacific carrier market by being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

The service is supported by 24/7 network monitoring and support from Pactel’s Network Operations Centre, and provides Pactel’s wholesale model reporting capabilities.