Satnews Daily
February 22nd, 2018

Marlink Gets Nod of Approval From Knutsen Extending COMMS Contract

Norwegian tanker specialist Knutsen has extended their contract with Marlink, ensuring that the firm's fleet of 38 vessels and two planned newbuilds continues to enjoy high bandwidth, reliable global IP connectivity and voice calling on the cost-effective Sealink Premium VSAT service.

Marlink’s popular Sealink VSAT features a Committed Information Rate (CIR), which ensures a minimum level of bandwidth is always accessible while also providing a faster Maximum Information Rate (MIR) when available. Based on its guaranteed level of service, Knutsen Group is exploring new ways to further digitize their fleet of Shuttle Tankers, LNG carriers, and product and chemical tankers.

A Marlink customer for 18 years and an early adopter of maritime VSAT in 2000, Knutsen has continuously developed its digital processes across its technically advanced fleet. Starting initially with on board/shoreside database replication and electronic forms/reporting, Knutsen leverages the speed, reliability and global coverage of Sealink VSAT to deliver high quality service to its clients through efficient vessel and logistics operations.

Knutsen is also confident in the business case for providing high-end communication facilities for its crew members. The leading integrated shipping company has seen demand for crew bandwidth rise significantly since 2002 and has continuously challenged Marlink to ensure that its crew are satisfied with the communications facilities on board.

The current on board configuration using 1 meter Ku-band antennas with back-up on L-band ensures that crew can always access social media, browse the Internet and talk to friends and family at home, while enabling high bandwidth and reliability for vessel and business applications, in addition to fleet management.

Headquartered in Haugesund, Norway, Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS and Knutsen  OAS Shipping AS is a fully integrated shipping company providing shipping operation, new building supervision, chartering and project development in-house. Maintaining a high quality and technically advanced fleet, the company’s strong focus on health, safety, security, environment and quality is supported by its cooperation with Marlink, which ensures its vessels are always connected.

Nils Trones, Communication & Navigation Manager, Knutsen OAS Shipping, informed all that VSAT has been a standard on the company's fleet for a long time — new applications and demands with the ongoing digitization continue to be happening within the maritime markets, which means the company needs a future proof solution to enable Knutsen's own digitization strategies. The company is reviewing new opportunities to improve the offered services to clients even further using Marlink’s digitization solutions that can help to maximize the company's communications investments.