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August 22nd, 2018

Communications & Power Industries Announces More Acquisitions... This Time It's Two Companies 

Communications & Power Industries (CPI) has not just one but two acquisitions to announce that will greatly broaden their family of antennas. The two acquired companies are Orbital Systems, Ltd. and Quorum Communications, Inc. from their co-founders that design and manufacture associated ground-based full-motion antenna products that play a key role in communications applications.

Orbital Systems provides antenna systems primarily for communications with Earth observation satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) applications, while Quorum Communications, its sister company, provides satellite microwave receivers, downconverters and other communications products.

Another positive aspect is that CPI intends to retain the leadership, personnel and facilities of the newly acquired companies that includes the three co-founders and principals, Carl Schoeneberger, Allan Bundens and Richard Fogle, who will join CPI. CPI intends to continue to utilize Orbital Systems' and Quorum Communications' shared manufacturing facilities in Irving, Texas.

Tony Russell, president of CPI Antenna Systems Division remarked that Orbital Systems' and Quorum Communications' antenna products are thoughtfully designed for very high reliability and ease of operation, even in the harsh environments to which Earth observation antennas are subject. 

Additionally, the companies have demonstrated a winning combination of extensive systems-level expertise, well-chosen antenna pedestal technology, reasonably priced solutions, and a forward-facing architecture designed to address opportunities for satellite communications programs with medium Earth orbit and low Earth orbit satellite customers. Their approach, products and technology are an excellent complement to CPI's existing antenna product offerings.

Carl Schoeneberger, president of Orbital Systems stated that when evaluating potential buyers, they knew that they wanted a partner that is respected in the industry, that shared their dedication to providing reliable and affordable, yet state-of-the-art, antenna products to commercial, academic and government customers, and that will be able to grow the business and sustain it over the long term. They found that partner in CPI, and we look forward to Orbital Systems and Quorum Communications being part of the CPI team.

At the time of this news release the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Coupled with CPI's recent purchase of the large-diameter satellite communications antenna family from Viasat Inc., the acquisition of Orbital Systems and Quorum Communications enables CPI to offer commercial and government customers a comprehensive range of limited-motion and full-motion antenna products. The acquired companies will be integrated into CPI's Antenna Systems Division, bringing proven, reliable, innovative and synergistic technology and products to an already broad portfolio of advanced antenna products for communications, telemetry and radar applications:

The CPI antenna family includes:

  • For communications applications; CPI's antenna products comprise limited- and full-motion antenna products and range from under one meter to 18 meters in size. These include data link products for line-of-sight communications (from and among ground-based, airborne and shipboard systems) and a variety of antenna products to address satellite communications applications related to all types of geostationary (GEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO) and LEO satellites. 
  • For telemetry applications; CPI provides a number of telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) products that enable precise tracking of fast-moving objects and aerial vehicles. CPI's telemetry antenna products include ground-based, transportable, mobile and shipboard systems. 
  • For radar applications; CPI's antenna products include direction finders, air traffic control antennas and weather radar antennas up to 14 meters in size.

Andre Jones, CPI

Satellite Innovation will be presenting "Antenna Performance and Economics – The Influence of New Materials and Processes" at 1:30 p.m. on October 9 in Silicon Valley, California, and Mr. Andre Jones, Vice President of Business Development for the Antenna Systems Division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI), will be one of the speakers for this important session. He is responsible for the division’s global business development and marketing efforts across satellite, radar, high frequency, data link and telemetry products.

While antennas have continued to grow smaller, lighter, more durable and capable, the market is evolving rapidly as costs decrease and mobile application become a more vital segment. The session will address not only phase array, but other areas of antenna design to lower SNR and further optimize antenna design. The growth of HTS and mobile markets have changed the priorities of antenna manufacturers significantly – where do new opportunities lie, and how will new market influences effect todays established antenna manufactures?