Satnews Daily
November 13th, 2012

ViaSat + American Red Cross... Exede'ing In Disasters (SATCOM)

[SatNews] American Red Cross Disaster Services is using Exede® Enterprise satellite services from...

...ViaSat Inc. (Nasdaq: VSAT) to provide satellite connectivity during disaster response. Exede Enterprise services can provide download speeds up to 15Mbps using the transformational high-capacity satellite system created by ViaSat, extending the economic and performance benefits of high-capacity Ka-band satellites to customers beyond residential Internet subscribers. High-capacity satellite broadens the capabilities of disaster responders:

    Affordable high-speed bandwidth and compact terminals enable improved communications within the same budget Bandwidth capacity “depth” reduces the need to compete for limited bandwidth with other on-scene responders, unlike the limited, thin layer of coverage provided by other alternatives Variety of choices for terminal configuration, such as fly-away, vehicular auto-point, and fixed for different disaster scenarios

“Reliable satellite communication is a vital part of getting help to the public during emergencies.” said Keith Robertory, American Red Cross Disaster Response Emergency Communications manager. “That’s why we are bringing ViaSat on board as a partner in our disaster response efforts.” Using the ViaSat service, responder teams can establish communications in areas with no cell connections or vehicle access for site command and control, live video and imagery, and two-way information sharing.