Satnews Daily
September 18th, 2017

Conax, SmarDTV and Joyne Group Their Technologies for Delivery Via Eutelsat-9B

Conax, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD:S) company and conditional access module provider SmarDTV will collaborate with JOYNE, a multi-channel payTV operator.

JOYNE selected Conax ‘Contego-as-a-Service’ cloud-based content protection security hub and Conax Cardless CAM developed by SmarDTV with pre-integrated security client Conax Core Access to handle all its content security needs. The new JOYNE service includes multi-year, multi-transponder contract with Eutelsat for uplink services and content distribution.

Artistic rendition of the Eutelsat-9B satellite.

The payTV platform has launched providing a bouquet of channels that include premium sports offerings that feature more than 50 well-known Dutch and international channel brands, including Fox Sports HD channels and Discovery Networks Benelux.

Using the powerful pan-European beam on EUTELSAT 9B, viewers will be able to receive the DTH service with dishes starting in size at 45cm.

By employing Contego-as-a-Service, JOYNE’s benefits include short time-to-market, easy deployment and availability of skilled Conax professionals to monitor and maintain the system. Conax Core Access, the security client built into the Cardless CAM, recently underwent Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit™. Using a dedicated secure processor and hardware root-of-trust, it provides strong protection for premium HD and 4K/UHD content.

The Conax Cardless CAM, developed by SmarDTV, upgradable to CI+1.4, has an innovative plastic casing, combined with a customized branding for JOYNE, allowing differentiation at the retail point of sale. For end-users, it enables an easy set up with no need for additional support. The plug-and-play, Conax Cardless CAM will help JOYNE maintain a low subscriber acquisition costs.

Hans Brunas, CEO of JOYNE, stated that Conax Contego gives the firm the ability to combine DVB, IPTV, and OTT clients in the same backend, giving the flexibility to scale the service. Additionally, through the security features of the Conax Cardless CAM, JOYNCE gains access to premium channels and the ability to enrich end-user product packages. JOYNE’s competitive proposition is based on flexible short-term subscriptions for Dutch viewers with second homes and mobile homes as well as special offers for public spaces in camping sites and bars. This flexibility is one of the many reasons Conax Contego-as-a-Service was selected.