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October 30th, 2012

Globecomm Systems... Support Continued While Battling Sandy (SATCOM)

[SatNews OCTOBER 31, 2012] Globecomm Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GCOM) has reported that the company’s Long Island and Maryland facilities, both of which were in the path of the storm...

...and staff (“the operational team”) have successfully provided 100 percent network uptime throughout Hurricane Sandy for the firm's global customer base. The operational team prepared well in advance for what many called the “storm of the century.” Operational teams weathered the storm at the company’s facilities while all non-operational personal were asked to stay home and not place themselves within harm’s way. All locations prepared with multiple systems and facility checks prior to and throughout the event. All advanced preparations insured our high levels of uptime.

As events unfolded at certain Manhattan points of presence, Globecomm’s network re-routed all dedicated video and Internet traffic through the Company’s multiple redundant rings. The robustness of the Company’s facilities and dedication of its team resulted in Globecomm meeting all customer service level agreements.

Dave Hershberg, Chairman and CEO, said, “Despite the fact that most of Globecomm’s Long Island and Maryland employee base has been without power and hot water at their homes and many experienced damage to personal property from Hurricane Sandy, our 24/7 operations support and facilities personnel have put their individual lives on hold and exhibited their dedication and pride by virtually “living” at Globecomm’s operations facilities since the effects of Hurricane Sandy began to be felt in the region. These special individuals have persevered and successfully delivered incomparable and exceptional service to Globecomm’s vast customer base.”