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March 26th, 2012

TriaGnoSys... Of Inflight Importance x2 (Comms)

[SatNews] Scandinavian Avionics is acting as an integrator and distributor of the OnAir/TriaGnoSys inflight connectivity solution...

...and the first installation, now flying, is on a Tupolev VIP jet, based in Russia. The turnkey solution allows passengers to use their mobile devices for calls, text messaging, email and to access the Internet. The small, lightweight and flexible solution is available for a full range of jets. For the first customer, it was integrated to the Thrane & Thrane A700 system, but has the flexibility to be used with any SwiftBroadband, Ku- or Ka-band satcom system. The connectivity solution uses Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, which provides consistent global coverage, as well as a clear deployment path to Global Xpress, Inmarsat’s global Ka-band solution.

Additionally, MondoWindow’s interactive inflight maps are now available as part of TriaGnoSys’ AeroBTS+ Inflight Entertainment and Communications solution. It means airline passengers—wherever they are flying in the world—will be able to see what they are flying over, regardless of weather conditions. They will also be able to interact with points of interest, as well as have access to relevant audio, video and games. AeroBTS+ is a platform designed for the future of Inflight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC), allowing commercial airlines and business jet operators across entire fleets to provide mobile phone and Internet services, as well as wireless Audio/Video on Demand and other cabin services to passengers’ own devices. MondoWindow is hosted on board the aircraft and does not require connectivity for its core features and content. With connectivity, however, it can also include live data and news, social media, networked games, and real-time advertising. AeroBTS+ can be used over a variety of radio links, including L-, Ka- and Ku-band satellite, as well as air-to-ground links. Therefore, it can be used anywhere in the world. It provides passengers with a high data rate, meaning the passenger experience is very similar to being on the ground.

With MondoWindow, the map becomes a source of revenue for airlines, providing opportunities for advertising, premium content, sponsored games, and destination-related advertising. MondoWindow’s system includes optional advertising modules with pre-existing advertising relationships, so for airlines it is a no-hassle, plug-and-play ancillary revenue stream.