Satnews Daily
February 11th, 2019

NovelSat Debuts New Multi-Rx Satellite IP Demodulator 

NovelSat has introduced their new Multi-Rx Satellite IP Demodulator, the NovelSat NS HUB4000.

The NS HUB4000 is a multi-receiver satellite transmission IP unit designed for mobile backhauling and enterprise satellite data transmission network operators, who want to optimize their hub CAPEX and achieve high transfer rates for inbound data traffic. 

NovelSat's NS HUB4000 multi-receiver satellite transmission IP unit.

The NS-HUB4000 houses four internal Rx cards, each with eight satellite receivers, packing up to 32 high-efficiency receivers into a single 1U rack-mounted unit. The compact NovelSat NS-HUB44000 is the ideal choice for Point-to-Multipoint satellite network data applications in which a single NS-HUB4000 hub unit can receive data at an aggregate inbound rate of up to 2 Gbps. Each of the 32 NS-HUB4000 carriers can simultaneously receive at up to 120 Msps per carrier, saving rack space and reducing equipment and operating expenses. The NS-HUB4000 supports automated hot-standby redundancy plans that eliminate any single point of failure without any external equipment. In addition to multiple receivers, the NS-HUB4000 is equipped with dual power units and dual external interfaces.
The cost-effective NS-HUB4000 includes built-in IP processing features to improve data transmission efficiency. NS‑HUB4000 interfaces include Ethernet 1G/10G, dual power supply ports, and M&C interfaces such as USB ports and an SD card slot for data import/export, software upgrade and many other uses. The NS-HUB4000 is a member of the NovelSat Professional Satellite Demodulator family and is a major element in the NovelSat line of Point-to-Multipoint network solutions. Combined with the NovelSat NS300X or NS3000 modem series, the NovelNet NMS (Network Management System), and NovelSat LIBRA (Dynamic Resource Allocation Solution), the NS-HUB4000 contributes to an optimized and highly efficient Point-to-Multipoint network.

Executive Comment
According to Ronen Sadan, NovelSat's AVP of Marketing, the one thing heard most from customers is, how can they optimize satellite hub costs. Between superior bandwidth efficiency and the many signal optimization features offered by NovelSat, and now as many as 32 receivers in a single box, the NS‑HUB4000 is a perfect space saving, cost saving satellite transmission solution for enterprise satellite IP data service providers.