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April 10th, 2017

The Appearance of a New Electric Propulsion Latch Valve from Cobham

During last week's 33rd Space Symposium, Cobham introduced an advanced low pressure, multi-purpose Electric Propulsion Latch Valve as part of their continued strategy to redefine what the market has to offer today—the low pressure latching valve, used to isolate pressure to satellites thrusters, offers propulsion system designers greater flexibility with its ability to support a wide range of flow and it can be used in electric, cold gas, and chemical propulsion systems.

The coaxial valve operates at the typical, lower electric propulsion flow rates and can also flow to a much higher rate instantaneously with negligible pressure drop to address a wider spectrum of system design needs.  The valve is exceptionally well suited for systems that require multiple propulsion systems, large electric propulsion thrusters or where a low pressure drop is required.

Cobham — busy with meetings at the 33rd Space Symposium.

Cobham’s electric propulsion products include low pressure and high pressure latch valves, mechanical regulators, miniature valves, and complete feed systems.  In addition to satellite propulsion technologies, Cobham is also qualifying launch vehicle propulsion check and relief valves that will help send NASA further into deep space.  These advanced technologies and other pneumatic products, including composite tanks, pyrotechnic valves, service valves, and solenoid valves, can be leveraged to meet any performance, budget or production quantity target.
According to Eric Stellrecht, Product Director, Space, at Cobham Mission Systems, this innovative, low pressure latch valve offers the electric propulsion community more capability, flexibility and economy in a single valve by performing more than one task and eliminating multiple component types.  All this added capacity is provided in an exceptionally low weight and small envelope. The product also offers the unique capability to integrate this valve with the company's many other propulsion valve and tank products into mass and volume efficient assemblies to allow satellites to carry more payload and to fit any constraint, making it extremely flexible and customizable.