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August 14th, 2019

Putting a Satellite on a Pedestal ... Hiltron's New HMAM-PM Polar Mount Motorized RXO Satellite Antenna

There is a new member in the Hiltron family of motorized antenna pedestals that is affordable and easy to install, and that possesses all the remote control capabilities of larger mounts.

Hiltron Communications announces a new addition to its HMAM family of motorized antenna pedestals. The HMAM-PM is a polar mount system that comes as a complete package with a 1.8 or 2.4 meter diameter offset satellite dish antenna. Designed as a cost optimized and quickly installable solution for professional receive-only downlinks, it is intended for use in satellite monitoring, program acquisition, SNG downlinks or automated backup at cable headends and teleports. 

The HMAM-PM has all the remote control capabilities of larger mounts in the HMAM series. Included with the HMAM-PM is an integrated modular Hiltron Antenna Control Unit (HACU) with an integral web interface. The HACU is based on the architecture of Hiltron’s established and proven HCS controller that has four free module slots providing room for options like polarization drive, LNB supply and monitoring or switch control. All the information required to set and maintain antenna positions is displayed on the control GUI, including current and target positions plus a database of potentially accessible satellites. An SNMP interface is available for integrating the polar mount antenna into an existing monitoring and control system. 

Two versions of the HMAM-PM are being introduced: one basic and one with a fully integrated de-ice system for the reflector and feed arm. The Hiltron DCU antenna heating module integrates with the HACU to provides user-configurable current monitoring and alarms, ambient temperature and snow sensor. Operators can choose between manual and fully automatic operation mode.

Hiltron Managing Director Antonio Monteverde stated that satellite antenna mounts in the HMAM series have already proved their reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use at hundreds of stations around the world. The HMAM-PM continues this tradition of robust construction and high-precision performance. Its design and the use of a 17 bit optical absolute encoder provide highly reliable and very accurate positioning far beyond the stability of commercial grade actuator devices.

He continued adding that once a satellite orbit position is known, precise access parameters can be calculated at the press of a single button. With its frequency controlled induction motor and drive system, the HMAM-PM acquires any position within a 90 degree orbit arc in less than 30 seconds. The very high rigidity of the construction ensures essentially zero backlash and a relative positioning accuracy of better than 0.04 degrees

The entire system is built to withstand standard atmospheric pollutants and to operate from zero to 95 per cent humidity over a temperature range of 35 degrees C (optionally 55 degrees C) down to -25 degrees C. The HMAM-PM can be built, if so required, to withstand pollutants such as salt encountered in coastal and industrial areas.