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August 2nd, 2018

New BaiCells Radio Mounting Bracket for Reflector Dish Antennas Debuts from KP Performance Antennas

KP Performance Antennas has released a new BaiCells radio mounting bracket specially designed to quickly attach BaiCells’ new ATOM GEN2 radios to the company’s existing reflector dish antennas.

KP’s new BaiCells radio mounting bracket is designed to easily slot into their 23 and 27.5 inch reflector dish antennas, while securely attaching the brand new BaiCells ATOM Gen2 radio. This rugged radio mount is made to withstand exposure to the elements and install quickly to save valuable time.

In addition to the new BaiCells radio mounting bracket (sold as a single unit), KP has also introduced a product bundle that consists of four mounts and a four pack of either their standard 23 or large 27.5 inch reflector dish antennas. This provides customers a convenient way to purchase units in bulk when having to install CPEs at multiple locations in their network.

The new mounting bracket is specifically designed to house a GEN2 BaiCells ATOM OD04-14 Outdoor UE 2 GHz or 3 GHz radio. Previous radio generations are not compatible.