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October 17th, 2013

Reportlinker.com—APAC Market Is The Focus (SATCOM—Analysis | Report)

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[SatNews] Reportlinker.com has a new market research report available in its catalog: Global Markets for Satellite Technology—Focus on the APAC Market.

This report identifies and forecasts the potential for telecommunication components, modules and devices in satellite technologies.There is a plethora of nomenclature associated with satellites, but the list of purposes that satellites serve can be distilled into two simple categories: Monitoring and recording of desired phenomena and communications. In case of the former, a satellite acts as an "eye in the sky," whereas in the case of the latter, it can act as a relay agent.

Telecommunication components, modules and devices are integral in helping the satellite perform both these activities. In case of the former, they help to transport the captured and recorded data to the Earth and to transport operational commands from the Earth to the satellite. In case of the latter, they perform filtering and amplification of the uplinked data, perform frequency conversion of the data, amplify it and downlink it to the desired target area. This operational segment is the satellite segment.At the ground monitoring and control level, telecommunication components, modules and devices help to control the satellite and to transfer payload data. This operational segment is the earth station segment. Additionally, users themselves must be equipped with devices capable of communicating with these satellites, which opens another market opportunity to telecommunication stakeholders. This operational segment is the user segment.

These possibilities present a lucrative market waiting to be leveraged for telecommunications stakeholders, but the reality is at variance with the expectations. There are some formidable factors that lend considerable complexity in dealing with the satellite technology market.

On the technology front, telecommunications components, modules and devices must support high-frequency operations and withstand extreme operational conditions. This calls for high-precision and robust products. The technology for developing such components, modules and devices is not as openly available as it is for mainstream communication products.

Satellites are high-investment machines. The launch technology associated with placing them into their orbits commands even higher premiums. Their presence and operations offer significant strategic advantages from the national security perspective. As a result, government and defense agencies around the world remain interested in satellite technology. The satellite industry is not strictly governed by market forces alone. The disconnection from the mainstream market raises entry barriers and restricts entry only to those companies capable of dealing with prolonged spells of uncertainty.This report provides clarity on the nature of market opportunity in satellite technologies for the wider telecommunication stakeholder audience.