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December 9th, 2019

Global Xpress' World's First 1.5-Meter Terminal ... Sneak Preview

Described as the future-proof mobile satellite communication antenna system, the world’s first 1.5 m Global Xpress terminal, GX150NX, will be unveiled at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans this week (Booth #3453) ahead of its commercial launch in 2020. 

The GX150NX is a win-win of sorts as it will combine ease-of-installation, in a leading RF performance, and has uniquely connected features for users requiring a high demand for bandwidth.

The Intellian GX150NX

As the largest terminal that will be available for the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service following type approval and successful sea trials in 2020, the GX150NX will unlock the full power of the Global Xpress network for users with high bandwidth demands seeking the most resilient platform for digital and cloud-based operations.

The Intellian GX150NX will offer high-speed data and leading performance throughout the Global Xpress Ka-band footprint, strengthened further with efficient RF design that delivers unrivaled link performance on the Fleet Xpress service. 

The GX150NX features an optimized reflector and radome and is ready for operation on upcoming 2.5 GHz Wideband Ka- networks as well as GX5 satellites. Additionally, cruise and passenger ships, research and larger offshore vessels and structures will also experience more performance with a 10 W BUC. 

Based on Intellian’s new NX technology platform, the GX150NX uses a single coaxial cable, which combines Tx, Rx, and DC power, to simplify installation. It introduces a new “All-in-One” GX Below Deck Terminal (BDT) which integrates an antenna control unit (ACU), a modem, a power supply, a 4-port switch, and a mediator in a single unit to further reduce the time and cost of installation in Intellian’s Fleet Xpress Rack. 

The integrated mediator is especially relevant for offshore support vessels, as it streamlines and reduces the cost of dual antenna installations often needed to avoid satellite blocking when working close to other vessels or infrastructure. 

The GX150NX also includes the new AptusNX antenna management and control platform. Common to all NX Series antennas, AptusNX includes an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide for easier setup and enhanced diagnostic capabilities, including alerts for operators when predictive maintenance is required.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, commented that the GX150NX will be their flagship antenna for the Global Xpress network, and will be the largest available in the world today. This makes it an ideal solution for users in the offshore energy sector or passenger market; where reliable, high quality connectivity is in demand as a way to achieve sustainability in business, as well as for the environment.

The terminal will enter the Inmarsat Type approval process in the next few weeks with forthcoming sea trials in planning and with a commercial entry date scheduled for early 2020.