Satnews Daily
September 22nd, 2016

Netflix Courses Across Satellite IP Network Via IsoTropic & iDirect Technologies

IsoTropic Networks, Inc. has launched their VSAT Video™, the first satellite IP Multicast entertainment solution that pre-loads selected Netflix content and offers a buffer-free HD experience.

Leveraging the multicast capabilities of iDirect Technologies, IsoTropic has simplified the complexities of HD Netflix content across a satellite delivered IP network, making VSAT Video a 1gen end-to-end solution for streaming Netflix across the VSAT network. This unique multicast technology delivers the latest Netflix titles to any device capable of accessing the Netflix player.  IsoTropic’s VSAT Video clients enjoy access to a library including hundreds of Netflix titles without experiencing a reduction in VSAT service plan or throughput speeds.

VSAT Video’s simple interface and high capacity equipment allows users to schedule, download and store Netflix movies, TV shows and episodes simultaneously. Local storage of content completely eliminates the problems of “live” streaming and clients can experience HD content buffer-free without interruption. Expertly tailored for the maritime, mining, and the oil/gas industries, VSAT Video clients can now make better use of their VSAT bandwidth while never having to miss their favorite Netflix programs—no matter where life takes them.