Satnews Daily
September 10th, 2012

Astrium... Fomenting A Company Melding (Business)

[SatNews] Astrium has announced that the satellite telecommunications services offered by...

...Vizada, Vizada Networks and Paradigm will be marketed under the Astrium brand name from October 2012. The products and services of the company’s London Satellite Exchange (LSE) and TDCom subsidiaries will also be renamed Astrium. This rebranding gives Astrium Services a new, unified organizational structure and marks the final phase in the full integration of the Vizada group, which was acquired in December of 2011. Thanks to this reorganization, Astrium Services has reinforced its position as a world leader in satellite services. Now comprising four business lines (Business Communications, Government Communications, Satcom Systems and Solutions, and Geo-Information Services), it is the only company in the world to provide both telecommunications services and Earth observation satellite services.

Astrium Services is now the world’s leading supplier of satellite telecommunications in the maritime and military sectors. Figuring among its customers are some of the most modern armed forces in the world, namely those of the France, Germany, U.K., USA, and NATO. And in the field of Earth observation satellites, Astrium Services is also at the forefront of the geo-information services market.