Satnews Daily
September 4th, 2014

Ross Video—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IBC2014 (Event—Of SatBroadcasting Interest™)

[SatNews] Ross Video has reported the company will bring its openTruck™ initiative to the European market at IBC in partnership with Broadcast Networks, a leading systems integrator of broadcast and media solutions.

A high-spec compact production unit, built by Broadcast Networks to the openTruck™ standard, will be front and center on Ross Video’s stand 9.C10 at IBC2014. Also on show on the Hitachi stand 11.D39 will be the new OBLite, designed and built by Gearhouse Broadcast’s Systems Integration division. The new OBLite is a high-spec, compact, energy efficient, affordable and flexible fully HD OB trailer designed using Ross Video’s openTruck blueprint, ensuring increased efficiency, video quality, and the ability to quickly reconfigure the trailer for different events.
The openTruck initiative is designed to maximize physical space, minimize risk and deliver a healthy return on investment and uses powerful, compact, best-in-class broadcast systems from Ross Video that are designed to seamlessly integrate with other leading technology vendors. This ensures that systems built using the openTruck design will consistently deliver faultlessly efficient production workflows, uncompromising video quality, and rapid reconfiguration from event to event. The vehicle is based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It features a powerful Ross production workflow including sophisticated graphics using Ross XPression 3D motion graphics, with a feature-rich Carbonite Vision Mixer and openGearTM infrastructure integrated within a Ross DashBoard control and monitoring framework.  DashBoard supports complete native control of multiple vendors, enabling users to quickly build unique, tailored custom control software panels to make complex operations simple.  The production system is completed with all other essential equipment from openTruck partners.
openTruck’s larger crew capacity—twice the number of positions normally found in a vehicle of this size—enables broadcasters to condense the high end production power of a large truck within a much smaller vehicle, creating huge opportunities in regional sports, lower tier sporting events and the live-event market. The tight integration of cost-efficient and high-performing equipment means a lower overall production cost. By delivering reliable and ready access production models, as well as maintaining high-quality production values, sophisticated graphics packages and consistency of final product, openTruck ensures a healthy return on investment. All openTruck owners and operators will be listed on the openTruck website, which will be a helpful resource for people looking for outside broadcast services.

“Since its launch at NAB 2014, openTruck has generated considerable interest across the US and in bringing it to IBC, we’re confident that the initiative will also be well-received in Europe,” says Nigel Spratling, Marketing Product Manager at Ross Video.  “Unlike the US, production techniques do vary across Europe and indeed from broadcaster to broadcaster, so it was essential for us to work with systems integrators who understand this market. We feel that both Broadcast Networks and Gearhouse Broadcast, with their track-records of designing and building quality live production OB units, are the ideal partners to help us demonstrate the flexibility, simplicity and power of openTruck within the European context.“
The vehicle will be available for attendees to tour on the Ross Video stand 9.C10.  The Gearhouse OBLite trailer version will also be available to tour on Hitachi stand 11.D39.

For further information regarding openTRUCK™, please visit the product's infosite at

Additionally, at IBC2014, Ross Video will introduce their new generation of large production switchers—Acuity, which offers a breakthrough in modern production switcher technology, combining seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity.

Customers for Acuity have a number of choices; there are six control panel variants with one to four ME rows and two sizes of rack mounted processing engines. Acuity’s signal processing accommodates all current production formats including 1080P 3G and UHD (4K). It includes some very innovative features such as DVE key combiners and up to 12 DVE’s per ME, that’s 10 channels of 2D and 2 channels of full 3D, making it easy to produce complex ‘box’ shots on a single ME. Its Custom Controls (a combination of powerful macro’s with timelines) make it simple for operators to quickly create or edit complex events, allowing greater efficiencies during show setups and operation.

Acuity is also the best-connected production system in the world. It is fully integrated with Ross Video’s OverDrive APC system and Dashboard system-wide control manager, and offers the industry’s largest library of third-party control protocols. It also integrates seamlessly with Ross XPression Graphics Systems, BlackStorm Video Servers, Ross Camera Robotics and Inception News and Social Media.

“With new formats & developments in broadcast production technology, Ross wanted to build a switcher with the capability and flexibility to take video production into the future,” says Nigel Spratling, Marketing Product Manager at Ross Video. “Acuity brings the robustness and reliability of the Ross brand, and has been created with a stylish new interface that is so stunning in looks and performance that operators all over the world will want to have one as their own. Ross’ guaranteed-for-life fader handle has been completely redesigned, providing the perfect look and feel for the panel. Every button falls within perfect reach, all functions are directly accessible at the press of a single button, and button spacing has been crafted to avoid accidental button pushes. Our patented PanelGlow and full color, high-contrast RGB LCD mnemonic displays ensure every row and input can be easily color coded for instant identification - and with no risk of color decay unlike many of the popular OLED systems. This gives operators confidence that a desired source can be accurately and quickly located in a fast paced, rapidly changing production environment.”

For additional details regarding Ross Video products, please visit their infosite at