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August 17th, 2016

Russia's Aist-2D Satellite Gets Some New Guidance

Artistic rendition of Russia's Aist-2D satellite.
Image is courtesy of TsSKB Progress.

Last April, Russia launched their Aist-2D satellite from the Vostochny space center, a remote sensing spacecraft that was designed by the nation's Progress research center and Samara State Aerospace University to engage in spatial investigations.

Sputnik News has now reported that Russian scientists have started a number of adjustments to the guidance, navigation and control (GNC) system on the Aist-2D satellite. The on-board motion control system installed on the Aist-2D satellite is supplemented by an innovative GNC system that's based on micro-acceleration compensation hardware designed by the Institute of Electronics and Instrument Engineering at Samara.

The new GNC system aims to control vehicle orientation and to compensate on-board rotating micro-accelerations in the low frequency spectrum—the system allows for the determination of the precise location of the satellite, based on the GPS data and the satellite's orientation to the Sun as well as the geomagnetic field.