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March 23rd, 2015

Having Higher Hub Capacity Is The Result Of XipLink's New XA Products

[SatNews] XipLink has debuted three new models of their XA Hub products.

The new XA-60K, XA-100K and XA-150K appliances will scale from accelerating 60,000 TCP sessions to as high as 150,000 sessions, accommodating the most demanding new capacities and High Throughput Satellites. In addition, the new hardware will support current hub products XA-10K and XA-30K allowing customers to migrate from 50 Megabit per second bandwidth to Gigabit speed.

The new XA 60K Hub Appliance will be available in April, while higher capacity systems based on the same hardware platform will be delivered later in 2015. All Hub products come standard with XipOS 4.3 for all key features such as TCP Acceleration, Link Balancing/Bonding and Byte Caching while supporting options such as XipLink Hub Optimizations (XHO) for single device optimization of web traffic and Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC) for optimal cellular backhaul. The new XA capacities are available to customers in the models shown in the chart to the right.

"XipLink's products have grown from first generation systems running to 10 Mbps and now we are proud to announce XipLink’s fourth generation hardware supporting Gigabit per second networking capacity to match the new High Throughput Satellites,” said Andrew Pether, Senior Director of Product Management.