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February 1st, 2010

Vocality International — SATCOM Router Ramped Up

Vocality International's router platform — used worldwide in armed forces and satellite communications networks — is now available in a PC/104 integrated kit. This makes the router ideal for integration into tactical kits as either a full bridge/router device, or as a complimentary device offering VLAN, PoE and switch functionality.

The board version of BASICS IP comes wrapped in an aluminium heat jacket, and is designed to provide wide temperature range support, ideal for integration into tactical kits, or deployment into deserts, vehicular systems and challenging locations. Major features include...
  • Bridge/Router/PoE Switch
  • TCP Acceleration (PEP)
  • Packet Aggregation
  • Header Compression
  • RTP Dejitter and RTP Compression
  • Tunnelling
  • VLAN Support
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Small Form Factor (PC104 or Small Box)
  • Low Power
  • Provide Satcom Optimisation to third party routers
  • Provide Layer 3 Capability to Layer 2 devices
  • Optional SIP Based VoIP Gateway Functionality
The BASICS IP board is also available in a handheld box, with 1 IP WAN port, 4 IP PoE Switch Ports and a cascading port to connect to further BASICS devices.