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April 12th, 2018

STC Major Change Approval Received by L2 Aviation for Cobham Aviator 300D

L2 Aviation has announced that the company has received approval for a major change to their Cobham Aviator 300D Supplemental Type Certificate on B767-200, -300, and -300F series aircraft.

This major change now includes installing a new SATVOICE Status Panel and a dialer to the existing Aviator SATCOM system. This change enables SATVOICE capabilities in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-150B. L2 originally received its STC for the Aviator SATCOM system (ST11187SC) on June 1st, 2017, and has since worked to include SATVOICE capabilities.

The new SATVOICE Status Panel provides annunciation of all incoming and outgoing call priorities. This call preemption feature allows a call of higher priority to preempt a call of lower priority.

David Hoey, L2 Program Manager, noted that this FAA Advisory Circular is not mandatory; however, L2 always provides the latest technological and safety advances for the firm's customers.