Satnews Daily
February 20th, 2020

Satcube Introduces a New Satellite Terminal for Intelsat FlexMove

Satcube has launched the lightweight Satcube Ku satellite terminal on Intelsat's new FlexMove service, providing broadband connectivity to Satcube users in nearly 190 countries — Satcube Ku is the first satellite terminal fully operational for Intelsat FlexMove Comms on the Pause (COTP) applications.

Intelsat’s first-of-its-kind “FlexMove” end-terminal managed service that includes the Satcube Ku offers affordable connectivity that is 20 times faster than current Land Mobile satellite solutions on the market.

The partnership enables on-the-spot portable broadband access and an outstanding service offering based on Intelsat EpicNG satellites for Satcube users around the globe, in addition to a new market opportunity for solutions providers and resellers.

The Satcube terminal.

At only 8 kilos, Satcube’s compact terminal provides portable connectivity, featuring an intuitive user interface with assisted pointing function to enable satellite broadband access in 60 seconds in the most remote locations. The Satcube Ku is a perfect match for Intelsat FlexMove COTP (Comms-on-the-Pause—COTP) services designed for temporary use in fixed locations. Satcube Ku terminal is not vertical-specific, complementing the entire Intelsat portfolio.

Satcube Ku enables people and organizations on-the-go to create an easy to use Wi-Fi hotspot and get high-speed broadband connection in less than a minute to execute critical on-the-spot work assignments and communication. Tapping the benchmark lightweight Satcube Ku terminal and Intelsat’s ubiquitous, global connectivity, the combined solution is ideal for broadcast media companies, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, tele-medicine, NGO’s, industry and those with remote work locations and high capacity communications needs.

FlexMove offers data rates up to 10x higher than legacy MSS solutions for as little as 50% of the cost. Reliable connectivity reaching the most remote and hostile locations. Satcube Ku’s intuitive point-and-connect functionality recommends the correct satellite to the end-user. The Satcube will already be fully loaded with all configured files on arrival, enabling simple and easy onboarding for users.

Jakob Kallmer, CEO, Satcube, stated that with the unique new Intelsat FlexMove partnership, Satcube users can now access broadband connectivity, quickly, almost anywhere on Earth. Open up the Satcube, point it to the correct Epic satellite and get broadband connectivity in under a minute. The sophisticated intelligence of FlexMove will automatically identify which satellite is best suited at that place and time. He added added that the result of this partnership is a fantastic broadband service for Satcube users. By integrating portable Satcube Ku on the Intelsat FlexMove network, the company can leverage true value with broadband connectivity globally with 200 beams covering nearly the entire planet.

Joel Schroeder, Director of Intelsat’s Land Mobile business, said that exploding data consumption and the need for connectivity everywhere, even in the most remote and hostile locations, is a key motivator for a new generation global service offering to meet the needs of today’s heavy data users. FlexMove’s unique high-throughput global network and Satcube's easy-to-use interface provides users with portable, high-speed connectivity.