Satnews Daily
November 11th, 2010

ND SatCom... Certifiably Citrix (Software)

[SatNews] At the Citrix Synergy, the user conference of Citrix held in Berlin in early October, ND SatCom was awarded the "Citrix Ready Partner" status for its innovative XWARP cloud computing solution.

ND SatCom is now the only certified Citrix partner in the field of satellite communication. The combination of satellite and Citrix virtualization technology of XWARP enables cost-effective cloud computing via satellite. Cloud computing is of great interest currently – as an innovative technology, as the next Internet generation, as a fundamental change to the entire IT landscape, and as a promising opportunity for new business models. Cloud computing via satellite, however, is a relatively recent field. A satellite connection offers the solution to the problems of companies that need to have access to essential corporate applications within the cloud in areas with inadequate fiber optic terrestrial infrastructures. However, satellite transmissions are troubled by challenges such as latency and the need to provide a sensible cost structure.

The use of XWARP allows companies to master these challenges. XWARP via satellite is the first IT solution offering companies with several locations practically latency-free, virtual and bandwidth-optimized software performance directly at the user level — especially suited for corporate and latency critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, SharePoint and MS Office. The system can be integrated into existing corporate networks or installed as an entirely new network environment. The XWARP solution is unique in that the IT experts of ND SatCom succeeded in lowering the latency of satellite-based IT networks practically to zero. Only the interaction of its various components, such as the Citrix virtualization technologies, the Zero Latency Engine, the intelligent management of the SPSN (Secure Private Satellite Network) connection, and the proven satellite modem SkyWAN, enable "zero latency.“ In addition, the IT solution is also equipped with security features for efficient SPSN connections. The XWARP technology encodes and compresses the data, and by intelligent management reduces the satellite bandwidth, thus contributing to cost savings.