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March 29th, 2012

Airvod + TriaGnoSys... Entertainment At Altitude (Comms)

[SatNews] Airvod Entertainment and TriaGnoSys have launched an exciting partnership to provide...

...aspects of the wireless distribution of Inflight Entertainment (IFE) content to seat-back screens and passengers’ own smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as inflight connectivity for live updates. Airvod’s SEATCENTRIC® solution provides each passenger with self-contained entertainment and communications center at each seat. TriaGnoSys’ AeroBTS+ will collaborate on aspects of the airborne network to enable the wireless distribution of content, and inflight connectivity that will be incorporated into SEATCENTRIC® system. This dynamic collaboration means airlines will be able to provide updates during flights. Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “By working together, TriaGnoSys and Airvod are making IFE simpler for airlines in two key ways. Uploading of content is much more efficient, which saves time. And there are considerable weight savings – wireless is the future. By eliminating cabling and complex networks we reduce the weight of a twin aisle aircraft by more than a ton. Passengers also benefit because they have the choice of using the seat-back screen or their own devices, as well as live content updates. And because we are using the latest Wi-Fi technology—802.11n—performance is the same as a wired system.”