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August 31st, 2015

Aquila Space Gets To The Core Of The Matter With Creonic

[SatNews] Creonic announces the successful product cooperation with the satellite supplier Aquila Space.

Aquila Space will provide a daily multi-spectral satellite imagery through their Landmapper constellations. A new type of Ka-band transmitter had to be developed in order to send the data produced by the multi-spectral camera to Earth and to fit that data to the needs of small power consumption, all the while maintaining a high throughput in nanosatellites.

Creonic provides an efficient IP core to transmit UDP packets over a DVB-GSE and DVB-S2 link from space to earth. The solution includes UDP/IP packing into DVB-GSE and framing, coding and modulation according to DVB-S2. For a maximized flexibility and efficiency in throughput, seamless rate adaptation is included, providing a throughput up to 40 Mbps.

Creonic and Aquila Space are working on pushing the throughput above 300 Mbps, designing the fastest Ka-band transmitter for nanosatellites, with completion of this project by the close of 2015.