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March 8th, 2012

Newtec's Speedy Technology...Fastest Transmission To Date

[SatNews] The Company didn't know what they had until they began the testing that left them breathless...

More information about Newtec's products is here.

What started out as a simple test of a number of Newtec’s recently released and upcoming technologies ended in a quite exceptional report. During the actual test an Intelsat 72 MHz Ku band transponder was saturated using Newtec’s latest modem technology and a mere 4.5 meter antenna.

The result using Wideband, Clean Channel Technology™ (CCT) and Equalink® (Newtec technologies) was a staggering 313 Mbps. Amazingly that did not include the use of the upcoming modulation and coding DVB-S2 extensions that Newtec’s 200-head engineering team is working on.

When adding a return carrier within the same transponder and Newtec’s 2nd generation Bandwidth Canceller (ZN781), 372 Mbps was reached, by far exceeding current market available alternatives within the same link conditions.

The Newtec Bandwidth Canceller and CCT will also be featured at the 2012 Satellite Washington show at booth #739. Newtec CEO, Serge Van Herck, indicates that customers can already take full benefit of those technologies with the exception of the wideband modem technology. The latter will become commercially available later this year. “Our customers will be able to achieve a new level of speed and efficiency,” said Van Herck. “This extra satellite transmission efficiency enables considerable operational savings. The higher speed levels will help our customers to increase the total amount of services provided within the available satellite bandwidth. Our partners are mainly looking at high speed IP links, Government Networks and Video Contribution links when expressing their need for higher efficiency.”

The technologies used in the test and the upcoming technologies will be made available to major operators and service providers for testing prior to their commercial release as Newtec is looking forward to sharing this experience and collecting feedback from the Industry.

“It’s Newtec’s intent to productize the most efficient modulation and demodulation algorithms and to help standardization bodies with defining and bringing new standards to the market.” said Dirk Breynaert, Newtec’s Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer and long term contributor to the industry’s progress. “We are strong believers in a non-proprietary technology approach, sharing our innovations to the benefit of the whole satellite industry. Standardisation also creates the necessary economy of scale to keep costs as low as possible. I guess keeping the operators and service providers profitable and ahead of terrestrial alternatives, has turned out to be the best constant over our 27 years of existence” Breynaert concludes.