Satnews Daily
September 29th, 2010

Failure Analysis... SETA Setup...

[SatNews] Failure Analysis has been selected as a systems engineering and technical advisor (SETA) to the Department of Defense Office of Responsive Space (ORS) located at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Cobham Analytic Solutions is the prime and leads a team of companies to provide the resources for meeting the faster, quicker, cheaper ORS program objectives. The ORS was created by the President of the United States to provide space assets for the war fighter in days rather than years. The first ORS satellite (ORS-1) is on schedule to be launched in January of 2011. Critical military space assets continue to fail prematurely and ORS satellites may be more susceptible to mission loss. Failure Analysis discovered that the measurements taken during space vehicle factory acceptance testing are performance based. These are necessary to ensure contractual equipment performance requirements are satisfied but that acceptable performance measurements are unrelated to equipment long-term usable life/reliability. Prognostic algorithm’s convert the same performance data from factory acceptance testing and other activities to equipment usable life and so identifies the equipment that will fail prematurely for replacement. Other companies provide prognostic technology but only Failure Analysis provides flight proven, prognostic algorithms for the dynamic environmental operating conditions that occur in satellites and launch vehicles and all worse case conditions at equipment and space vehicle factories and austere operating conditions on the ground, launch pad, during launch and while in space where corrupted/unreliable data may be present.