Satnews Daily
February 27th, 2017

Spacecom's 4 degrees West "Hot Spot" gains AMOS-7 satellite that is fully now fully operational

Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC) has reported that their acquired AMOS-7 communications satellite is now providing a wide range of television and data communication services from its 4° West ‘hot-spot’ orbital position.

Artistic rendition of the former AsiaSat-8 satellite, now repurposed as AMOS-7 by Spacecom.

Co-located with AMOS-3, AMOS-7 is replacing the AMOS-2 satellite that is reaching the end of life after servicing customers for more than 13 years. AMOS-7’s 24 Ku-band transponders and four steerable beams are providing a multi-regional experience covering Europe, Middle East and parts of Africa, thereby offering services to Spacecom’s existing and new customers in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Amos-7 is a repurposed AsiaSat-8 which Spacecom rents as a fix to deal with the loss of their Amos-6 satellite that was destroyed in a SpaceX launchpad explosion last September.

According to Jacob Keret, Spacecom’s Senior Vice President Sales,  AMOS-7 creates a stronger presence at the company's 4° West orbital position. Adding further redundancy to Spacecom's system, the satellite is a key element in expanding the multi-regional growth patterns and enhancing the array of communications, providing broadcast, broadband and data services.