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April 10th, 2017

Redundant Main Feeds with TeamCast's New VYPER 3000

TeamCast has debuted their VYPER 3000, a new, third generation modulator designed to meet the high availability requirements of modern up-link systems—the unit's two power supplies allow for redundant mains feeds.

TeamCast's VYPER 3000.

The VYPER 3000's four IP inputs can be used as two data inputs (one main, one back-up) and two control ports (one main, one back-up) and the four ASI inputs can be used as one main and two back-ups or as four inputs for multi-stream operation. For instance, four different multiplexes can be carried on a single carrier to feed four different terrestrial channels in Direct-to-Tower applications. Similarly, as many as four independent signals can be carried over a single carrier in DSNG applications. The IP inputs allow the same multi-stream operation as well. The operational redundancy is easily configured using the embedded web server. Furthermore IP inputs can be the back-up for ASI inputs and vice-versa.

VYPER 3000 is inheriting the recognized benefits of previous VYPER generations: high quality output signal, full support of DVB-S/S2/S2X and DVB DSNG modes and codes including 64 APSK modes and 5 percent Roll-Off values for a maximized useful payload, IF and RF outputs, insertion of CID data, easy control through front panel and web-browser.