Satnews Daily
November 16th, 2016

IRIS Insight From Applied Satellite Technology

With more than two year’s of software development by Applied Satellite Technology Systems Ltd (AST Systems), part of the AST Group, the resultant IRIS is a state of the art asset management system with situational awareness features such as geo-fencing and panic alerting among the product's many features.

IRIS is built with full cyber safety precautions and encryption (to AES256 standard) and can be purchased as a stand-alone product giving corporate and government users the ability to host in their own secure environment. Companies specializing in the provision of M2M services now have the perfect solution for a satellite based service, IRIS seamlessly becoming part of their product portfolio.  M2M requirements are often unique to a particular requirement, as an ‘in house’ developed product AST Systems can offer a ‘customization service’ to meet those specific needs; Pauline Truckle, MD of AST Systems, commented that AST has reached a new milestone with this development and are truly able to provide the customer with the precise solution to suit their needs.

The terminal manager enables remote performance monitoring of the Inmarsat BGAN M2M terminal, with firmware upgrades and reboots initiated remotely.  An essential capability for any M2M application is that it can be located in an ‘unmanned’ location—without IRIS TM, a ‘call out’ would be required for an operator to attend the site in the event of an unexpected terminal malfunction.  IRIS TM is the first commercially available application to fully use the functionality of the Inmarsat M2M API and no longer needs to rely on SMS to communicate with the terminal to enable added control functionality.

AST offers 24x7x365 global customer support and has a fully trained dedicated team in the Network Operations Center, able to monitor the operational devices and provide personal support to IRIS users.