Satnews Daily
February 16th, 2010

AAE Systems — A Middle Eastern Business Trip Of Major Significance

AAE Systems, Inc. (AAE), a satellite-based equipment manufacturer and turnkey communication solutions provider, will be part of a delegation comprised of 25 U.S. companies selected to participate in the International Trade Administration’s inaugural trade missions to Algeria and Libya. Formed to help U.S. firms find business partners and sell equipment and services in these growing North African markets, the missions demonstrate a positive progression in U.S.-African trade relations. 

The mission to Algeria, scheduled for February 17-19, will mark the first time a U.S. trade delegation will visit the country. Likewise, the mission to Libya from February 20-22 will commence the first trade negotiations between U.S. and Libya since the renewal of bilateral relations. U.S. exports to Algeria totaled $1.2 billion in 2008, and the United States ranks as Algeria’s largest bilateral trading partner in the world.  U.S. exports to Libya in 2008 totaled $720 million. Participating U.S. companies include: AAE Systems, Inc.; Artel, Inc.; Bechtel International, Inc.; The Boeing Company; CMF Distribution, Inc.; Capstone Turbine Corporation; Electrolux International, Inc.; Hill International; HKS, Inc.; Harley Davidson Motor Company; Lessard Group, Inc.; Morganti Group, Inc.; Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems; Petrotech, Inc.; Pratt & Whitney Power Systems; Raytheon International, Inc.; SSC Medical, Inc.; Severn Trent Services; Ted Jacob Engineering Group, Inc.; TJJA Architects, PA; Wall Ties & Forms, Inc.; Universal Dynamics, Inc.; and YSI, Inc. AAE is honored and excited to be part of this delegation.

As a provider of comprehensive ICT solutions, AAE brings expertise in the design and deployment of wireless and terrestrial telecommunications solutions, data center infrastructure, mobile communications solutions, signal repeating stations, radar and surveillance equipment, e-government and e-learning platforms, and mapping systems.